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  • About

    The company was founded in October 1964, its predecessor mainly engaged in mechanical manufacturing, and the company started to produce the glass-lined equipment in 1978. For more than 50 years' effort, the company has taken shape. There are more than 1,000 employees, over 200 of which are engineering technicians. The company covers 56,000 sq.m. with the building area of 71,000 sq.m., the old factory of 18,000 sq.m. and the new factory of 38,000 sq.m. The company has more than 500 sets of production equipment, and it holds over 200 million Yuan RMB of assets.

    The annual output of the company ranks the first in China, and the company is one of the top-10 enterprises in glass-lined industry in China. Besides China, our products have been exported to Thailand, Japan, Hungary, North Korea, Korea, South Africa, India, Bangladesh and other countries. The company mainly engages in producing glass-lined reaction tank, tank, distillation resort, tower section, drying mixing machine, condenser, non-standard I, II, III type pressure vessels, stainless steel vessels, lining for chemical equipment, water treatment equipment, and other products with specification from 50L to 80000L. The company is capable of producing various glass-lined equipment with the specification under 80000L, the annual output more than 50,000 tons. The company is a leader in the industry, it has the design and manufacturing qualification of I, II, III type pressure vessels and manufacturing licence of glass-lined equipment. More over, the company has passed the IS09001-2000 Quality Management System Certification, and it has been awarded the title of "observing contract and valuing credit enterprise" for consecutively 14 years, in 2007, it won the "AAA credit enterprise" title.

    The company plays an important role in scale, manufacturing technology, production capacity and sales volume.

    To implement brand strategy, produce brand products with international competitive ability, we have established cultivation plans in five years:

    1. Guiding ideology: firmly establish scientific development perspective, based on industrial development outline of China, to create brand-name products and famous trademark, to increase market competitiveness of the enterprise, and to make great contribution to the city.

    2. Planning objective: development idea: create brand-name products, famous trademark in five years, the product specification will be 100000L, create well-known trademark within 10 years, the specification of glass-lined equipment will be above 150000L, sales volume will be quadrupled.

    Yangyang is striving for establishing well-known brand, increasing market competition, and participating international competition with advanced ideology, harmonious enterprise atmosphere and pragmatic work style.


    Hello everyone!

    Thank every friend for your attention to Yangyang; because of your understanding and trusts, cares and supports, Yangyang experiences steady development.

    First of all, please accept the sincerest wishes from me and all the staffs! When you open our website, it is the beginning that we become friend and partner.

    Our company was founded in October 1964; Yangyang has been focusing on glass-lined industry for fifty years; up to now, we have occupied have a pivotal position in terms of scale of company, manufacturing technology, production capacity and sales quantity; our company's survival and development affects the pulse of entire industry. We dare not slacken; Yangyang will, as always, firmly establishes the scientific concept of development, takes national industrial development outline as basis, improves the market competitiveness of enterprises, and contributes to the enhancement of our city's economic strength! At present, we have thousands of users in China, and some products are exported to Thailand, Japan, Hungary, Korea, South Korea, South Africa, India, Bangladesh and so on. Yangyang works hard to provide better quality products for domestic and foreign customers. I and my colleagues will be diligent and persistent, swear to adhere to this goal.

    We are willing to join hands with all the friends, work together to create a better future!

    Chairman: Zhu Hongzhi


    Yang: means hold high, praise and transmission.

    Yang: sun, light.

    Based on chemical equipment industry, Yangyang specializes in the R&D of glass-lined equipment, and it strives to create the first band in glass-lined industry with advanced ideology and harmonious enterprise atmosphere.

    Enterprise Culture: solidarity/factualism/tenacious/explosion

    Solidarity: mutual support, team spirit;

    Factualism: proceed from the reality;

    Tenacious: brave to face any difficulties and pressure;

    Explosion: get rid of the restriction of the traditional concept, dare to innovate and practice.

    Enterprise philosophy: honesty and trustworthiness/serve the society/factualism and innovation/continuous development

    Honesty and trustworthiness: to establish an enterprise with favorable credit.

    Serve the society: with favorable social environment, the company will be able to develop.

    Factualism and innovation: we will introduce new technologies, carry on management innovation and technological innovation.

    Continuous development: core philosophy of "Yangyang" is persevere.