Six Unusual Things You Can Do in Las Vegas



Okay, so you’d be forgiven for thinking that Las Vegas is all about drunken debauchery, gambling, and watching world class shows, right?

Well, whilst it is all those things, it’s also countless others too, and many air on the slightly bizarre side. Having said that, this is Vegas, so what do you expect?

If you’re not all about the slot machines and have about as much luck on the poker table as you do at the lottery back home and you can gamble anytime if you go to Take a look at these few suggestions for alternative activities to keep you more than occupied during your stay in sin city.

Indoor skydiving
Sounds strange, right? Well you can skydive inside, and given the desert heat during the summer months, you might find this preferable – it’s all about the air con! Diving in a simulated situation gives you the same thrill and buzz of the usual way of jumping out of a plane, with less chance of ending up smeared on the floor in a sticky mess. A good way to test it out before you consider the real thing.

Bulldozers and excavators
Vegas is in the desert, we know this, so it’s easy to imagine driving a hulking great big digger around the place, yes? Lots of different landscapes and activities are on offer, and it’s a great adrenaline rush for those who want to do something a little different. Check out Dig This to see exactly what I mean, but this is a surprisingly popular and very unusual alternative to the casino.

The underwater world
There’s no ocean around for miles and miles, yet Mandalay Bay hotel’s Shark Reef allows guests who whole a SCUBA certification to actually dive in their huge tank with sharks and other marine life. If that sounds all a bit toothy for you, then head to the Mirage hotel and take up their dolphin trainer for the day package. No water in the desert? Somehow it appears like a mirage itself!

A need for speed
If you’re all about fast, flashy cars, then head to Las Vegas Motor Speedway, where there are programmes in place for you to drive the cars you can only dream of owning, such as Lamborghinis. Any speed freak or car enthusiast will love this, with the Vegas desert backdrop whizzing past you as you go.

Man vs Food
Nothing is done on a small scale in the USA as a whole, let alone Vegas, and when you head to the bright lights of the Strip, you will notice that everything is ranked up several notches towards the extreme. The same can be said for food, where you will find several Man vs Food-type competitions around. If you want to stuff yourself silly and make yourself feel very sick in the process, all in the name of competition, go right ahead.

The Stratosphere Tower
This is not one for those without a head for heights, however if you love views, thrills and spills, then jump in the super-fast elevator to the top of the Stratosphere Tower and check out the miles and miles of desert and city (sounds bizarre!) below you. Once you’ve done that, jump on one of the major adrenaline rides, spiked up a notch because of the altitude. A particular favourite is the one that almost drops you off the side of the tower, before throwing you backwards again. If that’s not for you, you can also bungee jump instead.

Las Vegas is constantly shifting and changing, and there are always new innovations and activities being developed, making this list sure to grow in the very near future.


photo credit: Bert Kaufmann via photopin cc

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