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If you’ve no idea what a bucket list, it’s basically a list of things you want to do, experience, or see before your time is up. Sounds depressing to be thinking about your days ending, I’m sure, but the focus here is on what you fill your life with meanwhile!

There are some quite traditional entries on most people’s lists, such as happiness, health etc, but it’s quite interesting to see just what different people want out of their lives. To explore this a little further Into The Blue conducted a survey to see just what the most popular bucket list suggestions were, and the results were quite varied. You’ll see from the results to your right, that many people wanted to experience different things, such as seeing the Northern Lights, swimming with dolphins, or skydiving – quite common experiences when you think about it.

Popular places to visit also made a major impact on the results, with New York and Australia high on the list, as well as beautiful Hawaii.

Despite the travel vibe at the top of the list, people also said that they wanted to be debt-free, to be totally financially free, to have a job they enjoyed, a happy family life, to get married and have children, and have a nice house. Many people wanted to get fit and lose weight, and others aimed to meet their childhood idol!

Does your bucket list look anything like this one? The results got me thinking about what I’d put on my bucket list, and to be honest I never really thought I had one, but when I got to thinking about it, there are many things that I would love to see, do, and achieve in my life. I’ve done a few already, I’ve swum with dolphins and it was an amazing experience, made even better by the fact I’m actually a non-swimmer! I guess that’s another thing I’d like to put on my list, to actually learn to swim confidently.

As for places to visit, Sri Lanka is on my list, to visit those elephants and check out those stunning temples. I’d also like to see the Northern Lights, just like many people mentioned on their list, and as for experiences, yes, I’d love to skydive too, and my biggest aim in life is to have a book published, which I’m working on right now.

Possibly the most heart-warming thing to come out this survey is the fact that many people mentioned a desire to have a happy, healthy, family life, to be free of all financial constraint, and have children. In a world where we seem to put so much emphasis on material things, perhaps this survey shows that really, deep down, we’re all just big softies at heart!

Photo Credit: Into The Blue

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