Club Fever: Burning Up the Dance Floors of Ayia Napa

If you want the party vibe and nightlife then you want Ayia Napa holidays. This resort boasts some of Europe’s liveliest nightlife and is home to most of the Med’s best nightclubs which are legendary among the world’s party animals.

There are all kinds of pubs and clubs, some worth a look if only because their entry fees are lower. Naturally, some open all-night hedonism, closing at breakfast time, but most will open up ‘early’ at 1am and close at 5am. A lot the clubs in the resort are seasonal and will close their doors, put away the decks and tidy up all the flyers during the winter, then reopen in April.


Keeping with the beats

Hearing the latest tunes is guaranteed in Ayia Napa. On the island, the music falls into three categories: dance, urban, and party. On the whole, the club scene in Ayia Napa doesn’t favor any one particular type of music, so everyone’s catered for. If you’re traveling with a group which has diverse, it’s no problem. You can check out a club like Castle that has different rooms for each type of music. If you’re after the summer’s top tunes and major floor fillers, you’re also be well catered for at somewhere like Castle.

Getting in

The entry fee at clubs varies a lot depending on the club and the season. At the height of the summer you could be asked to part with anything from €20 upwards, but a lot of clubs cap their entry charge at €10. If you’re clubbing on a budget, take your holiday in the earliest part of the season in April or May, as admission prices and the cost of flights will be a lot lower.


The specials

When big-name acts are on the island or if there’s a special night on, tickets are on sale during the day. Other than that, you can buy them at the door. Ayia Napa is a pretty chilled place anyway, so whether the night include a big-name act or not, the dress code in Ayia Napa is relaxed. You’ll see a wide range of different styles, even some fancy dress. Well, they’re all out for a good time after all!

Tearing up the clubs

There are a few essential clubs that you absolutely have to visit while you’re at the resort. These include Club Aqua, which is found in the basement of the Pambos Magic Hotel in the center of Ayia Napa. Club Black ‘N’ White has a strict R&B only policy, which makes it the place to go if you’re into urban music. For anthems and party hits, the Carwash Disco is the club for you: in fact, you’re expected to dance on the bar and no one will care as long as you’re having the time of your life. Out on Nissi Avenue lies the Chameleon Club. This superclub has a huge arena and an absolute beast of a sounds system, perfect for dropping the bass!

Clubbing isn’t the only thing you can do while you’re out in Ayia Napa. If you have the energy (congratulations!), you can take yourself down to the beach and recover from the previous evening’s excesses. Nissi Beach, Makronissos Beach and Grecian Bay Beach are all gorgeous. The water’s always warm and when a party gathers there, you’ll have a lot of fun.

Images by Fetmano and Steven Straiton used under creative commons license.

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