All Inclusive: A Family’s Friend

Photo Credit: Tour America

Photo Credit: Tour America

Do you favour all inclusive holidays, or do you go for self-catering? Or maybe you go for somewhere in the middle? Whichever you choose, there is no denying that all inclusive holidays have a lot going for them, not to mention serious savings for families when it comes to food and drink budgeting.

There are plenty of bargains on all inclusive breaks if you’re patient enough to look for them, and I find that the beginning of summer and the end of the season are great times to grab a bargain. Of course, its worthwhile cutting costs on other parts of your holiday plans too, so you get one majorly big saving.

For instance, I started driving myself to the airport, and found I saved big when compared to the cost of public transport. I now book my parking space regularly through ParkBCP, and find the convenience of it second to none. Wherever you fly from, you’re sure to find a service to suit your needs and budget. I have just booked Heathrow parking terminal 5and found a great deal, so it’s certainly worth looking into.

Checking just out of peak season will give you the greatest chance of finding a good all inclusive deal, and as we touched on before, for families this cuts out the constant soft drink refills, of which the cost seriously adds up. No need to worry about food, no need to worry about drinks, including some alcoholic drinks too, because it’s all already paid for.

Of course, the downside of all inclusive hotels is that they tend to be big, and whilst you might not think that’s a problem, you could find that you don’t have a need to leave the hotel, which is a mistake considering you’re meant to be exploring the destination you’re visiting! The best way to get around that is to of course take advantage of the facilities, such as the pool etc, but make sure you break up your holiday by booking some excursions to get out and about, and maybe go for a walk before you eat your evening meal. This way you’re not spending a fortune every day, you’re experiencing all the facilities you’ve paid for in your all inclusive break, and you’re getting to see the best of your destination too.

All inclusive holidays have their pros and their cons, like everything life, however if you’re travelling with children, this is certainly one holiday you should be looking into; your pocket will thank you!

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