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Photo Credit: HelenBushe via photopin cc

Photo Credit: HelenBushe via photopin cc

Natural surroundings so stunning your eyes might want to weep, weather so beautifully warm, with the sun caressing your shoulders, culture all around you, food to make your mouth water … does this sound like your idea of holiday heaven?

Most people would say yes, it is, and if that’s you, then you should certainly be thinking about booking a holiday to Malta for your next sunshine jaunt.

There is something charming and untouched, yet reassuringly modern about Malta, which makes it a refreshing change from holiday resorts that are solely geared up towards neon-lit entertainment. Of course, you can still find that, and the resorts of Sliema and St Julian’s will cater for your parties and holiday fun. Despite that, the capital, Valletta, is sophisticated, has an upmarket yet not overly so feel, and is perfect for your holiday shopping hit, as well as a wander down the picturesque waterfront.

Basically, Malta is a small Mediterranean island, so wherever you stay, you’ll be able to travel around easily, and find a place to cater for your every whim. It’s also easy to find flights to Malta using Monarch Airlines during the summer season, with a cost that will certainly help you in your budgeting endeavors. We all need to save money here and there, after all.

The nearby island of Gozo will give you a totally different viewpoint of this stunning archipelago, with a more rural and natural way of life, and it’s easy to get between the islands by regular ferry services.

The one thing that puts a few people off Malta is the fact that the beaches aren’t sandy, and they are rocky, in fact, the beaches tend to be made up of large rocks leading to the sea. This isn’t a negative however, as basking on a rock is probably one of the best ways to catch a tan, and this also makes for rugged and dramatic holiday photographs, easily Instagrammed to professionalism!

Culture and architecture are present in Malta in abundance, so for anyone who likes to learn about the history and traditions of their destination, this is perfect. Maltese daily life is laid-back, typically Mediterranean, sometimes religious, sometimes not, friendly, and very infectious. The various museums dotted around the large resorts, and especially in Valletta, will teach you a little about the history of the islands, and Fort Rinella is a popular spot too for more historical findings.

Basically, Malta offers all the entertainment, shopping, and culinary delights a holiday should, but with an added something extra, which makes it very special indeed.

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