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UntitledIf you’re visiting the UK at some point in the near future there is one particular region you should certainly be putting on your must visit list. Located in the south west of the UK you will find the almost continental, but still very English, Devon & Cornwall. These two regions are packed with history, subtly different cultures to the rest of the country, and areas of natural beauty like no other.

I found this infographic for bluechipholidays which sums up the region perfectly, so check this out if you need a bit more information on what we’re talking about. Basically, if you want to visit somewhere which is laid-back, in a totally different way to the rest of the UK, then this is for you.

If you think of the south west of England as a boot shape almost, Devon is at the top of the boot, and Cornwall is almost at the sole. Both areas are lapped by the wild Atlantic Ocean, which makes surfing fantastic here, in fact top-class surfers often visit Fistral Beach in Newquay for professional international competitions.

Cornish pasties, cream teas, stargazy pie – these are all foods which are linked to Cornwall in particular, and during the summer months you will often struggle to find much space accommodation-wise if you don’t book in advance – this should tell you something about the popularity of the area you’re visiting.

Getting to Devon & Cornwall from the rest of the UK is relatively easy, with good road, rail, and even air links from major UK cities. Newquay has a small airport, with domestic flights from Manchester and London in particular, so you can be in the heart of the sea-side fun within less than an hour. Alternatively, a road trip is a great way to appreciate the passing landscapes, and hiring a car and getting out and about into the countryside is a definite must.

We mentioned Newquay, and there’s no doubt this is the premier holiday hotspot, however St Ives is just as popular and very peaceful, particularly great for visiting with children. If you want to enjoy something cultural and historic then head to Tintagel, where the legend of King Arthur lives on, or you could head further south to Land’s End, where the land does literally end, and have an iconic photograph taken. The one thing you will notice regardless of where you visit, is that the coastline is spectacular, rugged, and very wild, which makes for fantastic photographs.

Weather-wise, this part of the country is often basking in more sunshine than the rest of the country, which means it has a more continental feel than other UK sea-side resorts and areas, and during the peak summer months of July and August, you can often grab yourself a golden suntan by basking on one of the many beaches.

Basically the truth is this, if you’re looking for a laid-back summer holiday and you’re visiting the UK, then you should not be missing out on everything that Devon & Cornwall has to offer. From fantastic beaches, surfing fun, delicious food, and plenty of attractions, you’re seriously missing out if you don’t head south west.

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