The Lure of Devon as a Budget Tourist Resort

photo credit: Robert Croma via photopin cc

photo credit: Robert Croma via photopin cc

While the south of England may have been battered by the raging winds and floods that engulfed the UK at the beginning of the year, local authorities are beginning to implement proactive measures to help safeguard their towns. With this in mind, the threat of adverse weather should not detract from the enduring popularity of southern coastal towns such as Devon, which remain extremely alluring and ideal for anyone who is looking to enjoy a low-cost holiday this summer.

3 Reasons why you should visit Devon for your Summer Holidays

That being said, why exactly should you prioritise a trip to Devon ahead of similar coastal towns and villages throughout the UK? Consider the following reasons: –

1. Choose from a Host of Beaches and Coastal Resorts

While it has diverse appeal, Devon remains a coastal destination at heart. This means that it is home to a number of picturesque beaches and resorts, which continue to draw millions of visitors from across the UK on an annual basis. So if you are looking for a low-cost beach holiday but do not wish to compromise on the quality of your experience, you have the options of visiting pristine stretches of coastline including Blackpool Sands and the imperious Wembury. If you are a keen surfer, you may also like to visit the north coast of Devon and frequent the challenging tides of Croyde Bay.

2. Enjoy Numerous Adventures and Extreme Activities

In recent times, Devon has also been able to cultivate a reputation as an increasingly adventurous tourist location. From geocaching on the wilds of Dartmoor to mackerel fishing at one of the region’s numerous coastal resorts, there is a diverse range of activities available to suit every conceivable taste. There is also a Watersports Centre on the South Sands Beach, which offers lessons in everything from sailing and kayaking to the more extreme demands of wreck diving. All of these activities are available within touching distance of Devon’s most picturesque holiday cottages.

3. Access the Region’s Unique and Rich History

For those with a love of all things historic, Devon also holds unique and rich appeal. There are some wonderful historic locations on Plymouth’s Barbican, including the renowned Elizabethan House and the Blackfriar’s Distillery. The latter is particularly interesting, as it is the oldest working distillery in the whole of England and offers samples of some of the finest gin known to man! You may also wish to take a cruise on one of the numerous local boat tours, which help to reveal the history of Devon and its evolution as a diverse coastal town.

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