Menorca — An Island of Delicacies

One of the great things about traveling is all the wonderful and different kinds of food you can eat. Every culture has its own way of cooking things, getting the most out of any ingredient they have. There are also places that have ingredients you’ve never heard of, resulting in a different surprise in every bite. Menorca has a bit of both, with its own twist on everyday ingredients, and dishes that you cannot get anywhere else. Here are a few things that make the culinary experience in Menorca so special.


It’s a lifestyle

Dining in Menorca is as much an experience as anything. Everyday life is built around meals it seems. The place where the food comes from and the people you eat it with are just as important as the food itself. Like most of Spain, Menorcans prefer a heavier lunch and a lighter evening meal, and whenever you sit down for food, you can feel the love that goes into it.

Small as the island may be, it’s made its mark on culinary history. Legend has it that mayonnaise was born in Mao, a small town in Menorca. It goes that after the Duke of Richelieu seized control of the city from Britain, his head chef whipped up a feast in celebration. When he realized his sauce was not turning right, the chef then mixed olive oil and eggs, just like he saw in the town of Mao. It was such a success that they ended up naming the sauce Mayonnaise in honor of the town.

Another internationally renowned dish that comes from Menorca is their lobster stew. The Balearic Islands are famous for having some of the tastiest lobster in the world, and most spots in Menorca serve this delectable dish. However, there’s one place that causes people to take flights to Menorca from cities around the world. The town of Fornells is said to boast the best lobster stew in the world. Even King Juan Carlos of Spain makes a point of stopping by to enjoy his favorite dish whenever he visits the island.

Other dishes

Typical Menorcan cuisine is heavy on fresh seafood. Besides the lobster stew, other Menorcan dishes include;

ChipironesFried baby squid lightly tossed in flour, served with mayonnaise and lemon on the side


Oliaigu — A classic Menorcan dish, this soup is made with a traditional sofrito base of tomatoes, green pepper, onions, garlic, olive oil, and salt and water. Usually served with toasted bread and ripe figs

Cabrito or Lechona es form — If you ever get the chance to taste these dishes, take advantage of it. Cooked in a wood fire oven, kid goat or suckling pig is served with herbs and/or with gravy and potatoes. The meat is so tender it falls right off the bone. It’s a dish that any meat lover would love.

Menorca may be small in size, but its culinary influence can be felt around the world. People come in from all over the world to taste some of the local food while enjoying the beautiful scenery that is Menorca. Fine food, fabulous scenery

Images by Ana Paula, MANovillo and Hotel Gastronomico Casa Rosalia used under creative commons license.

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