Ireland Car Hire Adventure

Photo Credit: Darragh Sherwin via photopin cc

Photo Credit: Darragh Sherwin via photopin cc

When it comes to seeing the most and best of what Ireland has to offer, hiring a car is the best way to do so. There are some parts of Ireland that aren’t easily accessible by public transport so if you want to have the widest variety of what you can see and do, hire a car and plan your route. There is also a lot to be said for the fact that public transport in Ireland, outside of the major cities and towns, isn’t the greatest and you may find yourself with a lot of waiting and hanging around. To make the most of your time and to have the biggest range of adventures on your Irish holiday, be sure to hire a car and create your own adventure.

When it comes to seeing the best of Ireland, you should plan ahead. There is a lot to be said for hitting the open road, and there is always a lot to see and do but you’ll get a lot more from your Irish holiday if you take the time to plan sights and areas that you want to see.

One of the biggest issues when planning an Irish car hire adventure is not giving yourself enough time between different areas. While Ireland is not a massive country and maps can make some areas look quite close together, the connecting roads between certain parts of the country are not of the highest standard. There are high quality motorways between the major cities in Ireland but if you are looking to travel between towns and villages, you will need to allow more time for your journey. Many of the national roads in Ireland are single lane roads and it can take a while to travel a distance you thought wouldn’t take too long. On many of the routes between important destinations, you will find that the average speed clocks in at 35km/hr. There are some routes where you need to take things slower and enjoy yourself.

Leave plenty of time for driving in Ireland

Examples of the times you will need to consider when driving in Ireland including a journey from Dublin to Cork taking close to 3 and a half hours. Dublin to Dingle will take over 5 hours while travelling from Dublin to Killarney will take over 4 hours. A trip from Dublin to Galway will take around 3 hours and a trip from Dublin to Limerick will take close to 3 hours.

There are stunning coastal views in the Emerald Isle

No trip to Ireland is complete without a stay in Dublin but you should get out and around the country. There are some stunning coastal routes on offer in Ireland, looking out towards the Atlantic and looking across to Great Britain. If you are touring during the summer time on a clear day you will be amazed at how far you can see across and it is not uncommon for people to be able to see Scotland from some of the most Eastern parts of Ireland.

Ireland is a country that is deeply religious with a great focus on faith and spirituality. This is likely to feed into your touring plans with a great number of religious artefacts, churches and religious memorials dotted around the country. No matter where you go in Ireland you will never be too far from an old church or castle, allowing you to explore the region’s history.

Whether you are looking to kiss the Blarney Stone to give yourself the gift of the gab or you want to check out the lively nightlife in many of the small bars around the country, Ireland is a country that is perfect for a car hire adventure. You should be able to make every journey within a day, even allowing for stop-off points, so you will have a lot to see and explore if you arrange a car hire adventure in Ireland.

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