Top Tips for Travelling During Off-Peak Seasons

Photo Credit: Ken Lund via photopin cc

Photo Credit: Ken Lund via photopin cc

Off-peak travel is a great option for budget holiday-makers. With fewer tourists on the street and quieter restaurants and local businesses, exploring your destination can be a breeze but it’s important to take the same precautions before travelling to ensure the best possible experience. Here are a few key tips to consider when travelling in off-peak seasons.

Do your research

We can’t stress enough that you must plan carefully for an off-peak holiday, even more so than during high-tourist seasons since you want to find a cheap deal that won’t come with any hidden fees or nasty surprises. When scanning off-peak travel deals, you may find yourself thinking ‘What’s the catch?’. Often, there is none. Off-peak means “off-peak” so the price of public transport and lodgings are generally lowered, but be wary of certain circumstances and be sure to scrutinise your destination a little further before going.

Is there a public holiday or local festival of some kind that may hike travel prices up a little higher during this period? Unless you wish to travel specifically for a local event or tradition, be careful with your timing – you don’t want to be spending any more than necessary.

Be flexible with your dates

Naturally, you wish to save as much as you possibly can by travelling at specific times, but try not to be too rigid with your dates, otherwise you may not be able to find a deal at all. Try not to limit yourself to say only one weekend in September. Give yourself a little wiggle room and don’t be too hung up on when you will fly out or return as this will leave you open to more options and better deals. Off-peak travel is all about experiencing things at a different pace so don’t jeopardise your chances by waiting for an opportune deal that may never come.

Save money wherever, however

When planning for your off-peak getaway, it’s important to try and save money by any means possible. This includes everything from choosing the best flight times to signing up for group or couple travelling cards if these can be used at your destination. For example, the best times to fly in terms of cheaper tickets (and more precise arrival times) are typically early to mid morning so if you have the option, choose anything but a moonlit flit!

Travelling off peak is a great way to experience places at a different pace from everyone else. Getting away from it all is even better without the hustle and bustle of the tourist trade, especially when you have some private, luxury digs to return to. Unique hoteliers such as Chic Retreats offer travellers the ultimate in privacy and luxury – whenever you decide to travel – by sourcing only the most serene and charming hidden gems in your chosen destination to provide even more quiet time on your off-peak holidays.

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