Top 10 Budget Travel Bloggers You Should Follow

Photo Credit: whfrank via photopin cc

Photo Credit: whfrank via photopin cc

1. Nomadic Matt

He’s one of the best- if not the best- travel bloggers out there. In Nomadic Matt you can find his personal accounting of his travels through photographs, videos and articles of course.

Also available for you are 51 country destination guides.This guides include money saving tips, top things to see and do and typical costs. Everything to keep your heart, soul and wallet at ease.

2. Wandering Earl

If you are looking for inspiration to leave your old life behind this is the place to find it. At the blog you will find several guides to make traveling your life. And if you don’t want to start alone, backpack along with Earl with his “Wandering Earl Tours” the next one is in Mexico!

3. World Travel Family

Alyson and James are traveling the world “indefinitely and on the cheap” tagging their two kids along with them. So if someone knows how to travel with children and to do it on a budget are these guys. Say you want to go to Thailand for example. World Travel family can tell you where to stay “on the cheap”, what to do all day, how to deal with medical dramas and reassure you that “it is ok to take your kids to the Full Moon Party”. They have 14 others country reviews for you, including England, India and Africa.

4. EuroCheapo

In the blog you’ll find amazing tips, tricks and tales about Europe’s enchanting cities. Like the hippest hotels in Paris, the best regional drinks, and the secret super-cheap flights on small airlines. Without leaving the website you can also see cheap flights, car rentals, rail passes and hotels in every major city.

5. Johnny Vagabond.

Wes Nations is inviting you to join him on his round-the-world, low-budget adventure. Could you ever decline this? If you are passionate about Asia this blog is for you. Wes goes ahead and tells you what to eat- what not to eat- where to stay on a budget and some pretty amazing things you just cannot miss. “What does a $4 Bungalow look like?”, “My daily budget in Thailand” and “Photos: Chiang Mai’s Cheap and Tasty Street food” are some of his most popular topics.

6. Family Travels on a Budget

You have a family? You want to travel? You are in a budget? Well then Mad Mimi has some tips for you. Specially if you are interested in traveling around the US and visiting some theme parks (Disney is included in the package). Mimi’s planning tips include air travel, cruising, road trips and overall travel planning.

7. The professional Hobo

Nora Dunn- miss hobo- has taken trains, seen cyclones and she has lived on a boat- and she is willing to share everything with you. She has also written a few books including “How to Get Free Accommodation Around the World”, and has more than 100 financial travel tips for you.

8. Ouroyster

Daniel, Jade and their baby son Jacob will show you the the best gadgets to carry along with your baby and how to have the best relationship…with airlines companies. The best thing about Ouroyster is that it is jam-packed with informations about different topics and countries.

9. Budget Travel and Adventures

Jeremy Branham’s blog has tips directed to outdoors and sports lovers who aren’t looking to spent dollars and dollars to exercise in beautiful places.

10. Nomadic Samuel

Nomadic Samuel is our last budget travel blog. He has something no one else has: 175 country guides written by himself. Another creative feature on Nomadic Samuel is the video blog that will transport you to Sam’s adventures and give you the push you need to get off the couch and discover the world- on a budget.

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