The Perks of an Airport Hotel

Why this isn’t an unnecessary added expense

You might think that an airport hotel is just one more thing to cost money on top of an already expensive holiday; well in some cases yes, you’re right in a small way, but on the whole, booking a night in an airport hotel has many perks, not least making your holiday begin in the best possible way; you’ve spent a fortune on that break, shouldn’t you do everything you can to make it perfect?


Early flights and long-haul flights are enough to put you off travelling, because the effects basically spell tiredness with a capital T. Whilst we can’t cut out tiredness completely, reducing it could be the difference between a stress-free start to your break, and a totally stressful one.

Which would you prefer?

Airport offer some fantastic deals on nationwide on-site and nearby hotels, meaning you’re literally a stone’s throw away from where you need to be for your flight. I’ve done this several times, and I’m a true convert nowadays. I regularly stay at the Manchester Airport hotels, and I’ve always found a great deal, not least enjoyed the night before my departure, rather than stressing about the possibility of being late or missing my flight!

If you’re travelling with children, this idea is further compounded. Having to get your little ones up at the crack of dawn and travel to the airport simply means you’re looking at a recipe for over-tiredness and resulting tantrums, and we all know that tantrums equal stress for mum and dad. If you can manage to reduce the possibility, then you’re onto a winner before you even start.

A sit down meal, a few drinks, a relaxing film, all before getting up as fresh as a daisy the next morning, looking your best, and knowing you’re right where you need to be – this is the way I like to start my holidays, not looking like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards, bleary-eyed, and with my blood pressure threatening to shoot through the roof!

You’ve saved up long and hard for your time away, and with bargain deals on airport hotels to be had, you should certainly be turning your attention to the major advantages they can add to your break.

Who doesn’t want to start their holiday a night early? I know I certainly would!

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