The Concept of Affordable Luxury: How to Enjoy a Lavish Trip on a Budget

While disposable income may finally be on the rise throughout the UK, there are few households that can genuinely afford to book a luxury summer holiday. The majority of us must still give careful consideration to each item of expenditure, especially those that are associated with big-ticket purchases and costly items. So although the current economic climate is empowering individual consumers to spend more of their hard-earned money, this is only advisable if you are able to analyse and reduce costs wherever possible.

How to Enjoy Luxury Travel on a Budget

If you do decide to pursue a luxury holiday, for example, it is imperative that you analyse the cumulative cost and identify opportunities to make savings. If you can reduce individual costs without compromising the quality of your trip, you can enjoy the best of both worlds and take home a lifetime of memories. Consider the following –

1. Determine your Unique Interpretation of Luxury

Luxury is not a definitive concept, and it can be interpreted differently by each individual. While to some it refers to high quality accommodation and lavish resorts such as Barnham Broom, for example, others would   use the term to describe wide open fields and lush natural spaces. You need to clarify your own understanding of luxury before booking a trip, as this will help you to create a suitable itinerary while also presenting an opportunity to make financial savings.Without this, you will either run the risk of overspending or booking a trip that is entirely unsuitable.

2. Prioritise Each Individual Cost

With your interpretation of luxury firmly in mind, the next step is to calculate the estimated cost of a trip and break this down into individual elements. This will give you an opportunity to prioritise costs, according to your own idea of luxury and the things required to bring your vision into life. Once you have a clearly defined list, you can begin to execute savings on less important costs and invest more into those that will make or break your luxury holiday. So if your choice of the resort is key to creating a luxury experience that suits you, for example, avoid package deals and look to reduce the cost of flights.

3. Consider the Merits of All-inclusive Travel

Applying its most common interpretation, luxury holidays usually include a stay at an all-inclusive resort. While many would instantly dismiss this as an unnecessarily high cost that needs to be reduced, however, you may wish to consider the fact that in some instances this can provide a relatively cost-effective and more affordable option. Although all-inclusive travel tends to restrict your movements in terms of where you eat and relax, it at least enables you to budget and potentially save money in quite expensive locations. If this type of trip sounds like your idea of luxury, then booking an all-inclusive trip may be ideal for you.

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