How to Go Caravanning on a Budget

Photo Credit: Giacomo Carena via photopin cc

Photo Credit: Giacomo Carena via photopin cc

Travelling by caravan is a great way to see the sights on a smaller budget. However, depending on the way you plan your caravan holiday, you could be spending more than is actually necessary. To ensure you stick to a strict budget when out and about, follow these top tips for staying spend-savvy on your caravan holiday.

Size Matters

If you’re somewhat new to caravan holidays, you need to carefully consider which size caravan will suit your specific needs and budget etc. First-time caravaners make the mistake of assuming that bigger is better but this only means a steeper price tag and a more strenuous driving experience. For the best kind of budget caravan, choose a model that can comfortably house your gear and fellow travellers without paying for large areas of unoccupied space.

Join a Loyalty Scheme

If you go on regular caravan holidays throughout the year, you may be eligible to join a caravan loyalty program. These not only help to save you money on a typical night’s stay but these also entitle you to many benefits during your caravan excursions such as greater access to amenities and discounted caravan accessories etc.

Read the Small Print

When hiring a caravan, ensure you read the terms and conditions highlighted in your caravan’s contract. There may be certain circumstances that are not covered by the hire company such as an extra charge for returning the vehicle with an empty tank, for example.

In some cases, you may have to pay for an extra night’s stay if you incur late fees, so just be mindful of any hidden charges and penalties to help you stay within your budget.

Focus on Fuel

Unless you travel for a short and snappy weekend break, the average caravan holiday can amount to a lot in fuel costs. Fortunately you may save yourself a bundle if you enquire about the most fuel-efficient models with caravan hire companies. To do your bit, try keeping an eye on the cheapest fuel costs in your location. You could consider downloading a local petrol price app for your phone to stay in the know on the move.

Lastly, a great budget travel tip is to prepare your caravan with the most basic equipment before venturing out on to the open road. There’s nothing worse than being without vital tools or a first aid kit when miles from home, so make a checklist of essential items to ensure you’re not missing important items on your travels.

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