Cheapest Places to Ski Worldwide

Photo Credit: daryl_mitchell via photopin cc

Photo Credit: daryl_mitchell via photopin cc

Skiing is quite an expensive hobby with lift passes costing more and more each season. If you are hoping to ski a lot this winter, you should consider looking at off the beaten path ski resorts to score a bargain.

Your bank account might not quite be up to the prices in the Alps or Rocky Mountains, but check out some of the new ski destinations popping up around the globe. In these less popular ski areas, prices are still quite reasonable. For some of the cheapest place to ski worldwide, check out these four destinations.


Japan is not a place that is often considered cheap but when it comes to lift pass prices, the island country has some very reasonable priced ski resorts with awesome powder such as Niseko on Mount Yotei. You can find lift passes for less than $30/day and the resorts are top-notch with nice, safe runs and good equipment – something that can’t be said about all the resorts on our list.

Keep in mind though that while you might be saving on the lift pass, Japan as a whole is a bit pricy but can be done cheaply if you plan accordingly. Your best option is to eat simply, stay at a hostel or simple hotel, and spend as much time out on the slopes as possible… but that was probably your plan anyway.


For some of the cheapest skiing in the world, head to Northern India. Here you can ski in the Himalaya mountains, enjoying breathtaking views and excellent mountain ski conditions. Add to that a chance to experience the culture and traditions of the Kashmir people, and you have truly a once-in-a-lifetime ski experience.

This is India though and while the mountains might be grand, the ski resort won’t be. Gulmarg, the main ski resort town, is pretty basic with occasional blackouts and none of the fancy Alpine ski experiences you might be hoping for. Avalanches are also common and it is wise to hire a local guide to make sure you don’t ski into any dangerous areas.

Eastern Europe

While the French or Swiss Alps are guaranteed to blow your budget, there are still many affordable ski resorts in Europe. You just have to look east. Ski vacations here are affordable both on and off the mountain with great prices on hotels, food, and alcohol to warm you up after a long day of skiing.

Bulgaria and the Czech Republic offer the best deals with it possible for a full week long ski trip to cost less than £300 Europe for everything from accommodation to lift passes to equipment rentals. Ski conditions are pretty good and most resorts have the same amenities and equipment you might expect from a more expensive ski resort.


This is another place that is definitely not sitting at the top of any ski destination lists but with a good number of ski resort options, nice winter snow conditions, and very affordable prices, skiing in China might just be your next great vacation.

Yabuli Ski Resort is the largest of China’s ski resorts and also the training base for the Chinese national ski teams. It has 11 slopes, mostly intermediate and advanced, and a nice ski resort town where you can find affordable accommodations, ski rentals, nice lodges, etc.

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