5 Practical Apps for the Budget Friendly Traveler 

Affordable apps for travel enthusiasts

photodune-3811470-saving-for-travelling-xsSome of the most commonly downloaded apps are, more often than not, travel related. Apps allow travelers to explore flights, accommodation, travel stops and cultural itineraries. Though the latest Global Travel Intentions Study by Visa indicates that travelers intend to increase their budget by 5%, most people still prefer to be as frugal as possible. Because of the popularity of travel apps, several developers have offered smartphone and tablet users with ones suitable for the holidaymaker with limited funds. The mobile internet has changed the way we travel, and on a greater scale, the way we live.

Many of the things we use on a daily basis are now centered around technology and we often look to the internet for products that will improve our daily lives. Since Trip Advisor pointed out that six out of ten smartphone users are downloading travel apps, the future of the tourism sector is unmistakably in the hands of mobile internet industry. Thus, many mobile app developers are seeing the current marketplace as the ideal place to launch new and improved travel apps.

With the increase in travel apps on the market, a traveler on a budget should never leave the house without the following apps:


Many assume that the level of authenticity of a cuisine goes hand-in-hand with an elevated cost, but budget travelers are well aware that this isn’t the case. By adjusting your budget and preferred cuisine, Bitehunter helps you find reasonably priced restaurants and cheap dining options. Restaurants listed on the app also come with detailed reviews from other Bitehunters.

Free Wi-Fi Finder

Internet is a valuable resource while traveling economically, but the price of Internet usage does not come cheaply. Cafes charge by the hour and people simply don’t have time to jump from restaurants to coffee shops scavenging for Internet access. Luckily, the Free Wi-Fi Finder accesses your phone’s GPS to display free Wi-Fi spots in areas closest to you.


Kayak offers a complete database of cheap hostels and hotels. While plenty of other apps supply the same information, this app actually leads you to the company website so that proper room searches, price comparisons and booking can be done.


Before booking a cheap hotel, you’ll have to book a cheap flight. The straightforward interface makes the app quick and easy to use, thus permitting travelers to search for cheap flights, even if they are booking last minute. Another feature of Skyscanner is the spinning globe, which is handy in inspiring your next budget-friendly trip.

Bon Voyage: Travel Budget & Expenses

It can take someone years to save up for their dream vacation, and the worst thing that can happen is the blow your budget in the first couple of days. Any smart traveler knows that they must stick to the funds they set out and make them last the entire journey. Set your daily or weekly budget with Bon Voyage and keep track of your categorized expenses. Business travelers who need reimbursements can photograph their receipts, which they can conveniently convert into PDF files. If you have access to a few tax calculators, then you may find that many business expenses are tax-deductible. An overview of expenditure can also be viewed in graph form.

By downloading these five apps, you will certainly be able to trek across the globe without burning a hole in your wallet.

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