10 Tips for Saving Money in London  


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From its history and world-famous museums to its royal palaces and elegant afternoon tea traditions, London is a city that defines grandeur.  It is no surprise then to learn that London is also one of the world’s most expensive cities.  With so much to see and do though, even with the price, a visit to London is worth it.  Thankfully, there are a number of ways you can make your visit to London less expensive.

Avoid Summer – With the warm summer weather come the tourists, thousands of them.  Not only will you be fighting through the crowds, you will also be stuck with high-season prices on everything from food to hotels.  Skip summer and plan your trip to London for the spring or fall to save money.

 Skip the Hotels – London hotels are incredibly expensive compared to similar cities, especially in the central areas of the city.  Instead of overspending here, consider alternative accommodation options – from free couchsurfing to renting from locals on sites like Airbnb.

Enjoy the Free Attractions – It can seem like London’s only aim is to take all your vacation money but in fact, the city has hundreds of great free attractions.   From the amazing British Museum to an afternoon in famous Hyde Park, plan your trip around these free sites to save serious money.

Get a London Pass – If you are interested in seeing some of the more costly attractions like the Tower of London or Windsor Castle, consider buying the London Pass which will allow access to over 60 of London’s most popular sights.Buy an Oyster Card – London taxis are very expensive so your best option for getting around the city is by public transportation.  With a prepaid Oyster Card, which you can buy in any tube station, you get lower prices on buses, the tube, and trains in London.

Find Free Walking Tours – There are a handful of companies that offer free walking tours of London which are a great way to get an overview of the city before exploring on your own.  These tours usually just ask for a tip, whatever you can give, at the end.

Save on Food – A good way to save on food in any city is to head to the grocery store and make your own dinner a few nights.  If you really like eating out on vacation though, look into the London “Taste Card” which offers 50% discounts at some restaurants.

Check the Deal Sites – With a major city like London, deal sites such as Groupon and Living Social offer lots of great discounts on everything from tours to restaurants.  Browse a few of these sites before your trip and see what deals you can grab.

Shop Outdoor Markets – If you are looking for unique souvenirs that won’t blow the budget, head to one of London’s many outdoor markets.  Here you can score great deals on everything from antiques to postcards.

Save on Shows – If you are hoping to experience London’s West End by catching a theater show, and don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars, check out discount sites like Broadway Box.  With a bit of searching, you can often score tickets at 20-50% off.

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